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Using old world baking techniques, centuries-old family recipes and a passion for bread, Stone Ground is recognized as the premier bakery in Utah.

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Stone Ground Bakery, Inc. was established in 1979 by Hans Schmerse as a small European bakery. Using old world baking techniques, centuries-old family recipes and a passion for bread, Stone Ground soon was recognized as the premier bakery in Utah.

Derrick Schmerse and Tammy Hines continue to use a traditional style of baking and original recipes. In addition, our master baker Derrick Schmerse, has traveled the country studying with renowned bakers and learning old-world secrets and new-world techniques. The result is bread with succulent aroma, full flavor, consistent texture and perfect crust.

In 2010 Stone Ground Bakery, Inc. bought a new building and purchased the finest of baking equipment from around the world. The new facility and equipment allows for higher volume, a more consistent product, and retaining quality with out increasing price.

Stone Ground Bakery delivers its freshly baked products through out the Wasatch Front. In addition, our alliance with food distribution companies allows for multi-state distribution.


From deli style to 1 inch texas toast, we have the perfect package for your sandwiches. Flavors like German Rye Swirl, Natural Sour Doughs, and Wheat breads ranging from 100% honey wheat to soft and sweet Squaw Wheat. HOAGIES, KAISERS, AND CIABATTA Our hoagies and Kaisers come in all sizes and toppings, all you need to do is ask. We can make you the perfect Brat Bun or a simple homemade hamburger bun. Our ciabatta is made the traditional way with pure olive oil a 3 hour fermentation time, and is hand made, which ensures fabulous texture and flavor.


Light, crispy tuscan breads, rustic sours, harvest grains….Stone Ground Bakery’s artisan bread are some of our most sought-after items. We use a variety of artisan starters, such as levians and bigas, to create hearth-baked breads, baguettes, baci rolls and focaccias. Stone Ground Bakery is known for producing items designed specifically for individual customers. We can customize any bread product or recipe specifically for your restaurant. Feel free to call us for a consultation and fresh samples, a sales representative will be happy to go over our extensive selection of fine bakery products and help customize an order to best suit your needs. We look forward to providing you with the same high quality, hand made products and friendly service that we have specialized in for over 30 years.